Vital statistics
Name Athulak
Aliases none
Status Alive
Gender Male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Hair Color unknown
Eye Color unknown
Unusual Features unknown
Personal Information
Relations unknown
Allies unknown
Enemies The Charmed Ones, Prue Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell
Place of Birth unknown
Date of Birth unknown
Base of Operations unknown
Magical Abilities Mortal Weapon Immunity
Personal molecule control
Fed by fear

The demon Athulak is described as having stalked the dark forests near the great river (Amazonas) for centuries. A demon in human form, he is immune to the weapons wielding by his savage subjects, and sustained by the fear and terror he created from their passions. Athulak can twist inconsequential human desire into cataclysmic harm.

History Edit

His essence was imprisoned in a stone by a powerful woman who could manipulate the elements. After Athulak was trapped, she buried the stone. The symbolic order inherent in the shape and design strengthened the power of the woman's binding spell.

Stephen Tremaine, who was running for congress, got into the possession of the spirit stone from a tribe that inhabited the central amazon regions three thousand years ago. Unknowing that this stone trapped the essence of Athulak he released the demon.

He was banished by Prue Halliwell and Piper Halliwell.

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Magical Abilities Edit

Athulak can adjust his molecular density, he can turn himself into a very sharp, very lethal, invisible sword. He can also enhance magical powers if this would suit his purposes.

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