Alchemist Demons
Alchemist Demon
An individual of the Alchemist Demon race.
Vital statistics
Name Alchemist Demons
Aliases none (not to be confused with Alchemists)
Affiliation Demonic Underworld
Base of Operations Demonic Underworld
Homeworld Demonic Underworld
Racial Leader none
Notable Members Kierkan
Primary Languages none
Secondary Languages none
Religions none
Deities none
Body Type Humanoid
Average Height 5 - 6 feet
Average Weight 150 pounds
Eyes Varying colors
Hair Varying colors
Skin Varying colors
Number of Limbs 4
Unusual Features none
Other Information
See Also Alchemists, Alchemist Demon's Tools, Alchemist Demon Vanquishing Spell
Using metaphysical tools and
Dark Magic, Alchemists can
transform any substance into
For example, an Alchemist's
evil Powers can turn Water
into Gold and Energy into
Similarly, these demons also
have the innate ability to
transform the Dead into the
Living by calling the Souls
back into corpses.
- The Book of Shadows text

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Faith Edit

Alchemist Demons have no inherent faith, it is possible than an individual may worship some deity, but as a whole they generally do not have any practiced faith and do not revere any gods or goddesses.

Languages Edit

Alchemist Demons do not have any languages specific to themselves, however that are capable of learning most other languages.

Government Edit

Beings that live primarily in the Demonic Underworld, they are automatically considered subjects of The Source of all Evil. They are all at the beck and call of this powerful demon, however if there is no "Source" then they are free to do as they wish. However, if another powerful demon, even one that hasn't claimed the title of "The Source", was in charge of the Underword for any period of time, they will be expected to do as he says.

Alchemist Demons, like many other demonic races of this particular Underworld, has no racial government. They are usually only loyal to themselves, or to individuals that are powerful.

Lands Edit

Alchemist Demons as a whole, live primarily in the Demonic Underworld. Though, because of the lack of racial unity, they are loners, living where they please.

Technology Edit

Although not technically technology, in the traditional sense, Alchemist Demons do have a set of Alchemist Demon's Tools that they use to assist them in transmuting matter and furthering their practices in Necromancy.

The Art of War Edit

Appearance and Physiology Edit

Physically, Alchemist Demons are exactly the same as Humans.

Magical Abilities Edit

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Wandering Spirits Edit

It is not unknown for a wandering spirit to request the help of one of these demons to place their soul back into their own body or into the body of another deceased person. However, because these demons are highly malevolent they will only do so if they see themselves benefiting from doing so. Spirits that are content with wandering, will usually flee from one of these demons, in order for them to not be abused by the Alchemist Demon in question.

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Trivia Edit

  • Alchemist Demons gained their name because they have the same abilities as Alchemists.

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