Alchemist Demon Vanquishing Spell
Alchemist Demon Vanquishing Spell
An Alchemist Demon being vanquished by this spell.
Vital statistics
Name Alchemist Demon Vanquishing Spell
Aliases To Vanquish an Alchemist Demon
School (Sub-School) Evocation
Descriptor Vanquishing
Verbal Incantation
Material An Alchemist Demon
Casting Time Short
Duration Instant
Other Information
see also Alchemist Demons
Let flesh be flesh
and bone be bone,
The Alchemist shall transform none.
Cruel scientist of evil borne,
with these words face the fire's scorn.
-Incantation of the spell.

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By reciting the words of this spell, the Alchemist Demon will be vanquished. The demon will begin to boil from the inside, until the magic pours out of them and they are ignited in flames. Once they have been consumed from the flames their body will fade from sight as they have now been vanquished.

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