Vital statistics
Name Abraxas
Aliases none
Status Deceased
Gender Male
Height unknown
Weight unknown
Hair Color none
Eye Color Yellow
Unusual Features Large pointed ears, Horns
Personal Information
Relations unknown
Allies none
Enemies The Charmed Ones, Prue Halliwell, Piper Halliwell, Phoebe Halliwell
Place of Birth Astral Plane
Date of Birth unknown
Base of Operations Astral Plane
Magical Abilities Open portals between Earth and the Astral Plane

Abraxas is a demon of the astral plane that succeeded in stealing the Book of Shadows from the attic, becoming the first evil being to do so. Abraxas never took the Book out of the Manor he just took it to the Astral Plane lying beyond the physical plane while in the Manor.

History Edit

Abraxas is a demon that attacked The Charmed Ones a year after they reawakened their mystic abilities. His plan was to steal The Book of Shadows and he succeeded. Since the book couldn't be removed from the manor, except by one The Charmed Ones, he remained within the house, but in the Astral Plane.

After gaining the book, Abraxas proceeded to read the vanquishing spells that the sisters had used to vanquish beings that they had already defeated, bringing them back to life. Overall, Abraxas' plan was to strip the three of their powers by reading the Dominus Trinus spell backwards, which what was reawakened their abilities.

However, The Charmed Ones defeated him by drawing him to a place of power and harnessing the energy of the Equinox by reciting the Dominus Trinus spell.

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Magical Abilities Edit

Abraxas was a powerful demon. Being a native of the Astral Plane, he learned how to open portals between Earth and the Astral Plane. The portals that he opened were in the same place physically, but because the Astral Plane exists on separate mystic "wavelengths" they were not simultaneously. This was how he was able to retrieve The Book of Shadows and not leave the house.

Abraxas was able to telekinetically move objects. Abraxas was also able to levitate, hovering in midair for extended periods of time.

The ability that made Abraxas most formidable was his adept skill at spell casting. He learned how to reverse the effects of previously cast spells, well after they were cast, by reading them backwards.

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