Symbol of Aasterinian
Vital statistics
Name Aasterinian
Aliases none
Base of Operations Brassberg in Nidavellir on Ysgard
Homeworld Outlands
Symbol Grinning head of a Brass Dragon
Alignment Neutral
Portfolio Learning, Invention, Pleasure
Domain Travel, Trade
Favored Weapon Scimitar
Other Information

The messenger god of dragons, who serves Io as a herald and vision-bringer. When she is not delivering visions and messages, she lives in a small set of caverns deep within the Realm of Nidavellir. The caverns are just large enough to contain Aasterinian's hoard. Any trespassers are usually devoured immediately, unless they happen to be amusing, and they are allowed to leave with their lives. She also particularly enjoys the many inventions of Norse Dwarves, and her avatar will sometimes walk among them in the guise of a dwarf. Aasternian is on good relations with Garl Glittergold, Fharlanghn, Olidammara and similar deities.

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Realm Edit

Aasterinian's realm of Brassberg can be found on the plane of Ysgard, in the layer Nidavellir. It is a series of small caverns just big enough to contain Aasterinian's hoard. Trespassers are devoured unless they're amusing; some members of the planar faction known as the Society of Sensation have survived a visit to her realm.

Dogma Edit

Aasterinian encourages those who follow her to think for themselves, rather than believing what others tell them. She abhors self-doubt and criticism, and enjoys upsetting the status quo to keep others on their toes. Aasterinian's followers usually travel disguised or do not disclose their faith. Aasterinian loves all those who enjoy innovation and whimsy, and she is accepting of all dragonblooded races. Spellscales prove exceptionally amusing to her. She enjoys their changeable natures.

Aasterinian's herald on the Material Plane is an ancient brass dragon whose turquoise-sheened forehead bears a golden star in the center.

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Aasterinian's clerics are typically wanderers, traveling in disguise as they look for the opportunity to do their goddess' will. Her clerics enjoy friendly relations with those of Garl Glittergold, Fharlanghn, Olidammara, and similar deities. Her followers seem to consist mainly of bards and other entertainers, or those who provide amusement, or pleasure. Also craftsmen, which are of great interest to her.

Temples to Aasterinian are extremely rare, though small shrines to her dot the landscape so that travelers have a safe place to rest. Their designs emphasize functionality and comfort, typically containing a library or at least a shelf full of books. Travelers are welcome to take a book from a shrine if they leave one to replace it.

Rituals Edit

Worshipers of Aasterinian honor their patron simply by learning and remembering her during moments of pleasure. Quests assigned by the goddess are unpredictable, though they usually involve travel and seeking out new experiences, being more about the journey than the destination.

Prayers to Aasterinian often express a desire for change for its own sake. One common line is, "Let today be different from both yesterday and tomorrow."

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