Vital statistics
Name Aasarecth
Aliases none
Gravity Super Gravity
Size Finite. Increasing with residents.
Morphic Partially Static
Magic Dead Magic
Time Timeless
Resident Races No native races
Resident Species No native races
Languages No native languages
Religions No native religions
Deities No native deities
Continents None
Major Cities None
Landmarks Scar Plane Portal

A realm that was created to function as the ultimate prison, it is virtually inescapable by any that enter it, whether willingly or as its next prisoners.

History Edit

Created eons ago, Aasarecth was designed to be the ultimate prison for beings who pose a threat to ones with a knowledge of this realm.

Geographical Features Edit

Mystic Features Edit

Accessing Edit

There is a constant spell in effect on this world other than the one of Anti-Magic, the Portal Spell that has a gate opened to the Scar Plane. This is the only way to enter or exit Aasarecth, however when you enter the realm you are positioned at a random point in the realm far away from its center, where the gate is located.

Anti-Magic Edit

Aasarecth was constructed with very ancient and powerful magic. It has a very specific Anti-Magic Spell cast upon it's very core. Most magic does not function within Aasarecth, whether it is a magic in the form of spellcasting, potions, or artifacts. The only magic that works successfully in this realm is magic intended to imprison its victims. These spells are empowered, quickened, enhanced, enlarged, extended, expanded and intensified.

Time Edit

Time does not pass within Aasarecth, and if one is placed within it they will never age. Though, the passing of time is still felt by the inmates, this was part of the design. To cause those imprisoned to feel an eternity of their solitary punishment.

Size Edit

Though there is a limit to the size of Aasarecth, with every new prisoner it grows a certain amount, ensuring that it will never become "over-occupied". And even if a prisoner is able to escape, the realm does not decease in size.

Residents Edit

Native Sapient Races Edit

There are no native races on Aasarecth. When it was created, it was not populated with any intelligent life forms.

Migrated Sapient Races Edit

There are a vast range of sapient races that are now on this realm. Though, they are imprisoned here and are not to make a living of any sort. They are only here as punishment for their crimes.

Native Species Edit

There are no native species on Aasarecth. When it was created, it was not populated with any unintelligent life forms.

Migrated Species Edit

No species have migrated to this realm, since it is a prison world.

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Mythology and Lore Edit

Imprisoned Deities Edit

Among the prisoners and ones outside of the realm, there is a myth that four Primal Lords are imprisoned on Aasarecth. The legend states that they were imprisoned shortly after the realm was created, since it was created specifically for them. Over the years, others learned of the existence of Aasarecth and began to imprison their own criminals within the realm.

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