10,000 Blades Hurricane
Vital statistics
Name 10,000 Blades Hurricane
School (Sub-School) Transmutation
Descriptor Blade
Somatic Swinging of a blade.
Focus A blade
Casting Time Instant
Range Personal
Duration Concentration
Other Information

A spell developed by Rangers, it allows one to strike with the fury of ten-thousand blades.

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The 10,000 Blades Hurricane is a spell that takes effect instantly after being cast, once the caster has begun the casting they must swing their blade at their enemy for the magic to take effect. After swinging the blade, they continue to, along with moving, until the magic of the spell wears off.

Effects Edit

This is a spell that increases the attacking power of one's attacks with a blade. Once cast, the caster strikes with their blade and then the magic allows them to move swiftly to attack either the same opponent or another opponent. Although they do not literally attack 10,000 times, the fury of each attack is incredible.

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